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Wiener Silber Tea Set designed by Tomas Alonso in 2011 (Austria)

Wiener Silber Tea Set designed by Tomas Alonso in 2011 (Austria)

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Cylindrical shapes define the teapot, the cream jug and the sugar vase. Round bars of hard wood form the handles. The rondeau of the tray is the stage for the play with the "functionality of the pattern": grooves on the bottom of the vessels unite with the grooves of the tray. They cast patterns on the smooth walls of the vessels and decorate them with an ornament of reflections. For the Vienna Design Week 2011 and the Vienna Silver Manufacture the Spanish designer Tomás Alonso developed the extremely elegant tea service. It seems like a bow to Josef Hoffmann, the forefather of Viennese design, with whom Alonso has in common the clear language characterized by geometric shapes.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Solid silver, 940

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Tea Pot: H 60mm, D 140mm
Milk Jug: H 120mm, D 55mm
Sugar vase: H 40mm, D 80mm
Spoon: L 100mm
Tray: D 300mm

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