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Robbe & Berking "Sphinx" Water Pitcher designed by Wilfred Moll (Germany)

Robbe & Berking "Sphinx" Water Pitcher designed by Wilfred Moll (Germany)

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The beauty of Sphinx cutlery almost takes your breath away with a cool, Bauhaus-inspired design. The dramatic shoulder at the top of the stem is the undeniable aesthetic highlight. An artistically sculpted silver cutlery collection with a unique character. Exclusive silverware made possible only by the finest craftsmanship.



Sterling silver, 925

Shipping & Returns

We have a limited amount of in-store inventory. Please contact us for availability and shipping lead times, particularly before purchasing multiples.


Height: 5.5 in.; D: 4 1/8"; H: 5 3/8"; V: 33 4/5 fl. Oz.; 830 g of silver

Care Instructions

1. We recommend using Robbe & Berking polishing paste and cloth.
2. Gently rub the silver with the cloth several times.
3. Rinse the silver thoroughly in warm water.
4. Blot dry and shine your silver with Robbe & Berking polishing cloth. This will remove the tarnish and restore shine.

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