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Robbe & Berking Flatware "Alta Series" 5-piece set, design of 1983 (Germany)

Robbe & Berking Flatware "Alta Series" 5-piece set, design of 1983 (Germany)

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Alta represents the triumph of shape over ornament and is considered a modern classic worldwide due to its simple beauty and interesting profile. Numerous international design prizes underline the importance of this design. The cutlery is exhibited in many significant museums as an example of exemplary contemporary silversmith artwork. Alta allows the beauty of the material to be experienced through the sculptural processing.

The set consists of: 1x Menu Fork, 1x Menu Knife, 1x Dessert Spoon, 1x Dessert Fork, 1x Coffee Spoon


Silver plated, highest quality, 150

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7-10 business days based on stock availability

We have a limited amount of in-store inventory. Please contact us for availability and shipping lead times, particularly before purchasing multiples.


Menu Fork: 19.80 cm
Menu Knife: 21.60 cm
Dessert Spoon: 18.30 cm
Dessert Fork: 18.00 cm
Coffee Spoon: 15.00 cm

Care Instructions

1. We recommend using Robbe & Berking polishing paste and cloth.
2. Gently rub the silver with the cloth several times.
3. Rinse the silver thoroughly in warm water.
4. Blot dry and shine your silver with Robbe & Berking polishing cloth. This will remove the tarnish and restore shine.

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