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Nymphenburg Figurine "Rabbit" designed by Theodor Kärner (Germany)

Nymphenburg Figurine "Rabbit" designed by Theodor Kärner (Germany)

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Hare and rabbit figurines were hugely popular during the Art Nouveau period. As such, the Nymphenburg manufactory also produced the most varying of pieces. Without doubt, the king of our long-eared friends can only be Theodor Kärner’s Hare from 1913. At an impressive size of 28 centimetres, it represents quite a challenge to the modellers and shapers. The decorative freehand underglaze painting, which is so full of nuance, makes every animal one-of-a-kind, both in the shadows of its fur and in its characteristically alert facial expression.


Porcelain, hand painted, glazed

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30 x 11 x 18 cm

Care Instructions

Cleaning by hand is recommended

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