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Wiener Silber Jug designed by Otto Prutscher in 1930 (Austria)

Wiener Silber Jug designed by Otto Prutscher in 1930 (Austria)

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The jug is crossed by a network of curved lines, between which bulges rise. 12 humps, hammered out in precision work and finely polished, act like convex mirrors and reflect the shapes and colors of the environment in slightly distorted images. In this design, Otto Prutscher alludes to the humped jugs and humped tankards of the Baroque era. Even then, their effective mirroring was popular and a sign of the highest silversmith's art. Reissued from an original drawing in the archives.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Solid silver, 940, 24k gold plating inside

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Height: 9.5 in.

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