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Wiener Silber Jug, designed by Oswald Haerdtl in 1954 (Austria)

Wiener Silber Jug, designed by Oswald Haerdtl in 1954 (Austria)

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Starting from a relatively small base plate, the jug unfolds in a fan shape. Grooves, narrow at the bottom and widening towards the top, run through the entire surface. The spout, set with a gusset, breaks the straight outer line of the vessel as little as possible. The downward curve of the opening continues into the C-shaped curved handle. Grooves also run along the surface of the handle. A special feature is the reinforcement of the handle on its inner side. With the jug, Viennese architect and designer Oswald Haerdtl created a masterpiece of design that pushes the boundaries in functionality and feasibility. The continuous grooved pattern is chased and hammered by hand. Reissued from an original drawing (dated 1954) in the archives.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Solid silver, 940

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H 215mm

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