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Leitner Leinen Napkin Collection "Leinen Medici" (Austria)

Leitner Leinen Napkin Collection "Leinen Medici" (Austria)

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With napkins from Leitner Leinen, the art does not begin with the folding, but with the manufacturing. Each napkin is individually cut by hand. Our pure linen and half linen napkins are then finished with a 3cm wide hemstitch. Cotton napkins are made with mitred corners. Made-to-fit-patterns like Fresko, Medici, Fleur-de-Chine and Foresta are finished with a simple border.


100 % Linen

Shipping & Returns

We have a limited amount of in-store inventory. Please contact us for availability and shipping lead times, particularly before purchasing multiples.


19 X 19 in.

Care Instructions

Machine wash in gentle cycle and dry in low heat or line-dry

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