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Nymphenburg Figurine "Japanese Chin" designed by Theodor Kärner (Germany)

Nymphenburg Figurine "Japanese Chin" designed by Theodor Kärner (Germany)

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Despite its small size, the Japanese Chin cuts a majestic figure. The modeller Theodor Kärner, born in 1884, was so fascinated by the Japanese breed that he made sculptures of the rare animals in a number of different situations. This figure, just ten centimetres tall, shows the grace of a Chin puppy playing. In this portrayal, vivid and natural design details, for instance on the ears or tuft of the tail, particularly come into their own. Like almost all of Kärner’s famous animal sculptures, this figure is designed in such a way that it is attractive from every angle.


Porcelain, hand painted, glazed

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Height: 12 cm

Care Instructions

Cleaning by hand is recommended

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