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Lobmeyr Drinking Set No. 267 "Alpha" Cocktail Tumbler in Citrin

Lobmeyr Drinking Set No. 267 "Alpha" Cocktail Tumbler in Citrin

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Hans Harald Rath designed the "Alpha" set in 1952. Thanks to their compact, balanced features the glasses lie beautifully in the hand. The shape was inspired by a Baroque copper cup from the collections of the MAK Vienna, itself influenced by Islamic works. Reflecting the lifestyle of the 50ies, the glasses are fully stackable. Finest muslin glass, mouth-blown into wooden forms, provides for their elegance. In 1964 the series was awarded the German National Design Price "Gute Form". Today some of the shapes are available in six light colors; garnet, red and black.


Ultra-thin muslin glass

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Size: 2.4 diam. X 1.9 h in.

Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only.

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