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Lobmeyr Flower Vase II Calabash BV71 II in Rosalin

Lobmeyr Flower Vase II Calabash BV71 II in Rosalin

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Designer: Sebastian Menschhorn, 2016

The calabash gourd is used as vessel for ages and ages. The extraordinary shape inspired porcelain vases in Baroque times. Menschhorn plays with that silhouette and deforms them in two steps. As a result of this process we are offering three very functional and special vase shapes. They appeal as a group, but also as a single piece.


Mouth blown lead free crystal

Shipping & Returns

Delivery: 2-4 weeks based on stock availability

We have a limited amount of in-store inventory. Please contact us for availability and shipping lead times, particularly before purchasing multiples.


D 6" x H 8.3"

Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only

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